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    Aug 23, 2023
    Attached is the summary of the conference call which occurred at our August Union Meeting with the General Committee on Articles 5,6, and 7.
    Nov 21, 2022
    The tentative agreement passed 53.5% to 46.5%. It was said there were a record number of voter turnout, as that number becomes available I will post it. Also this, as I have said is just the beggining of the crux of the agreement. Items that were remanded back to the parties will be settled through neogotiations with the individual carriers up to and including binding arbitration if needed. This will be coordinated through the General Chairmans office who has autonomony over agreements pertaining to the road(s) they represent. They can ask for assistance of the National with the negotiations. Now is the time to start addressing/communicating how and what should be addressed as to the items remanded back to the parties. What we are willing to accept, what are the absolute non-starters? The Carriers now can serve notice allowed by the national contract (although they have had to right to do so in the past) on the items remanded back to the parties. They will not be able to impose these, if needed they will have to be arbitrated. The union also can now serve notice on the Carrier on time/days off (although we also have had the right to do so in the past) but now if needed they will also have to be settled in arbitation. These are the most important things we have faced as railroaders in my carreer (my opinion only), this can change the landscape of our pools, our time off, and accordingly our leisure time, which today is basically nonexistant. We must stay united on this, and laser focused on our messages and opinion to the negotiating parties. I know there are many questions on the voting. With electronic voting the votes can be broken down all the way to the division level, how many yes/no votes were cast at each divison. Of course there is no way to know how anyone person voted, but it can be tallied in a way that we know the outcome on a divison level or a system level. If/when this information is released I will desseminate it out to the membership. The sky isn't falling although the burning ball of fire called the sun is looking a little closer, there is work to be done and we need to stay united and make sure our voices are heard. Of course once again when information becomes available, you will be the first to know.
    Dec 08, 2019
    Contacts Get help when you need it. Call, email or go online to learn more about the programs available to you or to get your questions answered.   Benefit Phone More Info LiveWellBNSF 833-862-9192 BNSF Employee Portal > Employee tab > Benefits & Well-Being section > LiveWellBNSF Email: support@cafewell.
    Dec 09, 2018


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