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  • Modified GIL-GUE pool
    Posted On: May 26, 2023

    GIL-GUE Modified Agreement - Pilot

    I have attached the final signed modified South Pool agreement. We are hopeful it will be able to be functional Tuesday/Wednesday of next week. Of course, there are no assignment changes, so there is no need to re-bid anything.

    As soon as I hear from BNSF crew on how the option for extra work will appear on the hub, (I assume) I will send out the info.

    Please read the agreement and become familiar with it. The "extra work" on this pilot only applies to south pool vacancies once the extra board is depleted. These vacancies will then go to those who have "extra work" selected, and it will be called in pool standing order.

    I would caution you against turning it on and leaving it that way. This could give the Carrier additional information on how many people they have available and could influence the manning of the extra boards. 

    The "Work off turn" option (which we currently have) is a stand-alone option separate from this agreement, and is still in effect.

    One thing I am pursuing is the option to see who has their flag "flipped" at any one time. 

    As always, as more information comes in, I will forward it along.



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